Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just as I was getting the blog back on track...

The "Great Flood of '10" hit our house and we were ousted out for around 6 weeks! We celebrated Christmas and Reed's first birthday while camping out at Mimselle's and Poppy's (that's Mimi and Papaw's new nicknames per Hannah Kate). The Monday before Christmas we had raw sewage emerge from our air conditioning return and ooze throughout our house, ruining flooring and some central walls. This was not on my Christmas holiday To Do list.
Just as I had started organizing one closet and run to Wal-Mart to buy storage bins for said project, I came home to soggy carpet and a horrible smell. The city guys were still in the front yard waiting for me to tell them if my toilets were flushing okay again. "Yep", I called "They're great! Thanks so much!" Little did I know that the little spot of sogginess that I was splashing in and couldn't figure out where it was coming from was thanks to them and "blackwater".
With that shared, we do have great new hardwood floors, new carpet, new front door, and new paint up in 4 rooms so it was a great opportunity for a little remodeling. Timing could have been a little more on our terms. My wonderful in-laws did host us for our extended vacation. We stayed at the Hooker Hilton with complementary laundry, cooking and even babysitting....back in the real world, it really was a huge help having my mother and father in law be so generous. Can't. thank. them. enough! Can you imagine opening your home to two busy little ladies that love to learn (touch everything) and play (move everything from its original place), not to mention two grown up children to cramp your style? They are saints.
But I did miss sharing some milestones with the Christmas will be coming (I know you are excited), and 1st and 4th birthdays, a little snow, and maybe a few random laughs along the way. Just wanted to let you know that we have not abandoned the blog, life just got in the way.