Monday, June 3, 2013

A spring Baptism- Campbell's day


Happy Birthday Princess

Hannah Kate's 6th Birthday celebrated this February with sweet friends from school.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hip shaking on her birthday

To celebrate, we dined at Lilo's for Reed's birthday...birthday girl's choice, of course. We didn't know it was live entertainment night, but much to our wonderment, Reed thouroughly enjoyed an early taste of live music. Sister has rhythm!

Hannah Kate is a reader!

We have been learning so much this year and I can say that Hannah Kate is a proficient reader! She can read signs that she sees while riding down the road...she can pick up any beginner book and get through it with ease. She's loving kindergarten, her teacher, and mastering all this fun stuff! Her only wish now is to have a loose tooth! Glad that she's focused firmly on the words--with all of the background commotion! All in a days homework!

On the go now...

Campbell is getting a little more mobile and his determination is becoming more obvious. Time to pick up the Barbie shoes...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recent happenings this winter....

While everyone else in MS got a little snow this week, we had a few days of ice...and really only ice in trees and this was Reed and her morning tea by our ice.

Campbell has been eating some foods pretty good....especially now that he has that one tooth to help him chew.

And I caught him in a moment that he was content with this hat on his's the cutest hat (thanks, Aunt Nancy) and his head is so darn bald...but he's quick to pull it off, even when tied.
And we had a big Christmas, with Santa being good to all three of these littles!
We watched the Christmas parade in front of the office with Mimi.

"A preview of HK's college years", I joked...Daniel didn't find this amusing.

Campbell took to my cousin, Austin, quite well while we were down on the coast celebrating my grandfather's funeral. That sounds rather strange the way that came out, but it truly was a celebration of his 92 years and the wonderful family that he created and nurtured. From his wife of 69 years to his 9 children and 30 grandchildren- we were able to celebrate and mourn a wonderful life and death and the hope that he is finally home, after an extended stay with us.

Celebrating at the carousel

A great day to turn 3! Reed had a magical time at her celebration and just enjoyed every bit of the party....the balloons!! the party hats!! the friends!! the cake!! the carousel!! Her little heart was bursting with excitement and just made it all worth it....even in the rain.