Thursday, July 16, 2009

All by myself...

Summer has been going full force and we've been going right along. We headed down to Gulfport for the 4th to spend time with my fam and had a great long weekend. Unfortunately, as we were packing up the condo, Hannah Kate found my camera and transposed it into Gigi's purse (after she took pictures all by herself). So Gigi went home with all of my great vacation shots. Can't wait to see my own pictures! It's like waiting on old film to be developed.

We've been busy around Greenville, too. We had a new fence put up around our backyard and a small fence to enclose the pool area! (You get a glimpse of it in the picture above) The pic above is actually of Hannah Kate, who put her swimsuit on all by herself. (backwards, yes, but worn with great pride)
Just a quick snap of Hook and I. Guess who's taking the picture all by herself!

And finally, our little band aid queen. She loves to wear these things. And this one was actually covering up a boo-boo. She decided that Beary needed one, too.