Sunday, April 11, 2010


We welcomed cousins from Tuscaloosa and Starkville this weekend for Reed's baptism. It was a gorgeous weekend. It was such a privilege to have the Godparents stay with us for the visit. As I've had a few moments to think about this weekend this afternoon, I've realized that they are two very special people that have agreed to help raise Reed in a christian environment, to help us teach her about God and values, to live an exemplar life, and to share in the responsibility of bringing up a child in the name of God. I've also realized how lucky we are to have others, for both Reed and Hannah Kate, to share in this responsibility of encouraging day to day holiness in their lives. It's nice to think that as we as parents stumble and fall along the parenting highway, we have a supportive net of loving family to take up the slack in teaching the Christian way. This attribute of Godparenting is really encouraging! Thanks Audrey and Lee!

Tucker loving on his cousin

us with Godparents and grandparents

Lee and Audrey

cousins celebrating with us

grandpa with his arms full

Mimi and Poppy

my Godchild, Lauren, and I

Reed in the baptismal gown that was made for her great, great grandfather

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cute little bunny & Sweet little lamb

Had a great Easter weekend. Wonderful weather!!


Hannah Kate set her baby doll down next to Reed and I looked up to find this. Can you tell which one is the real baby doll?