Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fair Play

Tuesday night we went to the Parish Fair at our St. Joseph High School. It's a super big fundraiser for the school with a spaghetti dinner and lots of activities outside to play and win! We ate spaghetti with the Avis clan and then ventured outside to dive in to the action.
Well, Hannah Kate spotted the blow up area and her eyes lit up. She wanted to play and slide just like the big kids. She was the smallest one around but was determined to have her turn. Some of the little ones that we knew decided to help her up the slide (she was bottle-necking traffic on the big climb) and she slid down all by herself.
We went on a little train ride, cake-walked and then Hannah Kate took a little trip on the back of a pony. A pretty great reward for getting her 18 month shots like a big girl!! (Hope she doesn't expect a blow out like this every time we're good at the doctor!)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Celebrating the big 1!

HK and I went to Meridian to celebrate Emma's 1st Birthday! It was such a good trip. We did so much in two days! (I'd love to write more...but I'm tired!) Highlights:

  • Feeding the ducks

  • Playing at the neatest indoor playground

  • The cute caterpillar cake!

  • Birthday Girl and her cake

This video was just suppose to be Hannah Kate and my dad looking at the ducks...much to my delight, we caught so much more!

Friday, September 5, 2008

And when you are 1 your have just begun...

Happy 1st Birthday Emma and Aunt Natalie!

We love you and we'll see you tonight!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ready to float...

Well Gustav luckily missed our Gulf Coast...but our Delta sure is seeing some of the rains! As of yesterday, you can rename our street Kathleen Canal. But we are blessed. The waters never came into our house, unlike so many of our neighbors.
Some neighbors, Conley and Taff, put a boat in for a little ride this afternoon and they had an easier time touring than the cars. To Hannah Kate, it just seems like we have lakefront property! We had a day off from school today and a little power outage to wake up to but tomorrow should put us back on the path of normalcy.