Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our new play space?

Okay, so I said last time....Hannah Kate found a new hiding spot. Isn't there some safety rule about not hiding in old appliances? I was only 3 feet away loading the dishwasher and I could hear her keeping busy- just had no idea what exactly she was getting in to. We're cleaning house today and I needed a break so I sat down to post these. Happy Saturday!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hoppy Easter

What a fun Easter weekend we had. Thursday morning we started off at school with an Easter party and egg hunt. Here we were hopping out the door.
Then, Saturday we went to Breakfast with the Bunny himself. HK took her sweet time warming up to this life size rabbit. She was awfully concerned when he left the room but, as you can tell with her body language, she kept to herself when he came close.

HK eating solid food before the candy came in to play.

Getting closer.....

She found a prize egg in the egg hunt but when it came time for Mr. Bunny to hand out the prizes, she braced herself for a quick get-away.

Gearing up for Church hunt (#3)....she was so funny to watch hunting. Hannah Kate likes the idea of finding eggs. But what she likes more is finding the candy inside each egg. She was in no hurry to find other eggs once she realized that candy was already in her basket.

Mrs. Bunny was passing out more candy (thanks, lady).

Hannah Kate and Mary Glenn sitting in the parade vehicles. We went out to Mimi and Papaw's neighborhood for a parade and egg hunt. Mimi always takes special care to make sure we are riding in pimped out Easter rides.

Can't you see these two in a few out Lake Lee!

Papaw and Hannah Kate after the hunt, juice, and cookies.

And then home to dye eggs! (Please note the paper towels soaking up the spilled dye!) We had to take an extra long bath to not have blue and orange hands for Easter morning! But she was fascinated by the coloring of the eggs.

And guess who stopped by Saturday night while we were getting our well deserved rest...

Lunch with Mimi and Papaw after Easter Mass.

So it was a great Easter weekend. One question came out that I wasn't sure the answer. "Where did the Easter Bunny go?" I know that Santa lives at the North Pole but wasn't quite sure where to direct this answer. So our Easter Bunny lives in the forest somewhere. On another note, Hannah Kate has been learning to hop, just like the Easter bunny. She can now get both feet off the ground for an official hop! I guess her motor development is kicking in because she's been climbing up the walls, too. On top of tables every time I turn around. ...up shelves...she can even climb her own high chair and get in it with the tray still on...not that this was something that I was wanting to see her do. She just showed me the other day. Also we have a new hiding place. Found her in the dryer as I was loading the dishwasher the other night. I'll post those pictures soon!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lucky Losers

Last weekend I played in the State/Ole Miss Tennis Tournament here in Greenville and had a stupendous time. It was tennis for 3 days straight (with a little beer mixed in) and boy was it nice. The whole atmosphere of the weekend was great. Rachel and I came in as champions of the Lucky Losers bracket after we lost our first two games and won our next 3. Good times!

Vicksburg for lunch

I'm still catching up on some way overdue blogging and this one is about two weeks ago. We met my parents, who were coming home from a Natchez wedding, in Vicksburg for lunch. We drove through the Vicksburg National Military Park because we were the first to arrive and needed to fill some time (and the outlets weren't open yet) and saw some really pretty monuments. We got out to explore this one and Hannah Kate kept entertaining herself by the echo she could make.

Then we met Gigi and Grandpa for lunch at the cutest little house downtown....Walnut Hills- I think. The service was super fast and our tea glasses never were half empty! It was a plate lunch style house with choices like world famous fried chicken, chicken and artichoke casserole, and shrimp & grits! I think we each tried something different so we could taste it all- plus 3 vegetables, plus dessert. So we finally rolled away from the table and had to take a little walk to stretch our legs.

We found the Coca Cola Museum downtown and explored a little. I think Vicksburg is where Coke was first bottled...maybe? Neat little building- especially for someone like my dad who is fascinated by old Coke stuff. Gorgeous day. Great company!

Nice little day trip

A spring break re-cap...

Over spring break my friend Dudley and I took our little ones to the zoo in Jackson. It was a great time to go- with everything in bloom and most of the cages were filled (much to my dismay). We saw all of the major animals that you expect to see to make your zoo trip worthwhile. Hannah Kate seems to remember the peacocks the most....they were really bright blue. Nice little day trip.