Saturday, May 29, 2010


First time in the pool for Reed. The water isn't quite crystal blue but we couldn't wait any longer...especially Hannah Kate!

Reed went for her 4 month shots this week (about 4 and 1/2 right now) and weighed in @ 19 lbs and 26 3/4 inches!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April blooms and such

Reed is growing leaps and bounds. So many smiles everyday. Her latest tricks include starting to kick herself over (I guess rolling over but in a messy kind of way), jabbering from soft to loud, a little giggling, grabbing her toes, grabbing anything - for that matter, putting things into her mouth, and sticking her tongue out. And Hannah Kate has her end of the year performance this week. Looking forward to that! She's been practicing some really cute songs that I can't wait to hear in full. We made a trip to Starkville this weekend for Lee's graduation (Congrats Lee!) and Hannah Kate got to pick up another Bulldog t-shirt- I think we're close to one for everyday of the week now. But that was a BIG deal to her so glad we could make her day!

Hannah Kate's latest funny:
We were walking around the block the other day and HK noticed some flowers blooming all around a neighbor's mailbox.
HK: Those are pretty flowers.
Me: I think they're called Jasmine
HK: That's a cute name for flowers. It's like the princess.
Me: Yep (giggle), and they smell good too.
HK: You know, we should name our flowers, too.
Me: Like what?
HK: We'll call the yellow ones Vicky and the purple ones Cara Lee.
So next time your by our front door, please say hello to Vicky and Cara Lee- if I can keep them watered!