Monday, August 10, 2009

New Orleans Ladies

having animal crackers with the jaguars (Props to Viv for coordinating themed snacks with places of interest....animal crackers for the zoo)

mornin' monkeys

The last get away for the summer was a neat girl's trip down to the Crescent City. Nat and I took the girls down to stay with Elise Claire and Vivian for a few days. These cousins (2nd generation)are all within 7 months of each other and really became fast friends. (We went through withdrawals for the first couple of days home) Captured a few great memories between the Audubon Zoo, The Aquarium and the Palmisano house:

This was fascinating to me... I don't think I've ever seen one in person before. Do you know what it is? (It's tail is on the left and it's head is on the right.)

toucans like animal crackers, too.

posing with the penguins (over my shoulder)

petting the sea turtle (notice the themed snacks, again? Goldfish for the aquarium)

performing with the sea otters